The Future of Business Travel

More countries are starting to emerge from lockdown in an effort to strengthen their economic recovery and to restore travel and trade relations. The way we travel now will require a lot more planning with an increased focus in health and safety. A small amount of preparation and research can help ensure businesses remove or minimise any foreseeable health and safety risk to their employees.

3 Ways to Help Employees Adapt to Travelling in the New Normal

  1. Review current business travel policy and implement necessary procedures to balance the necessity of business travel with the potential medical and security risks.
  2. Practise due diligence when traveling which extends over areas such as transport, accommodation and emergency support, and ensure that employees are taken care of in the event of any unforeseeable incidents during their trip.
  3. Reassure employees who might fear travelling for business purposes during this period and restore their confidence by emphasising that their safety is of utmost priority.
Did you know?

In a recent travel survey that we conducted online from 17th to 28th June 2020, 94% of the respondents have confidence in using the train knowing strict precautionary measures are in

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