Rediscover Putrajaya

The federal administrative capital of Malaysia may not be a popular tourist destination but give this city a chance and you will discover it has many things to offer! Only 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur (take the KLIA Transit to cut the journey time by half!), this city is filled with immaculate government buildings, wide boulevards, scenic bridges and pockets of greenery, making it a truly unique city of its own.
Start your visit by taking a peek at the Prime Minister’s official residence at Seri Perdana. Enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Putrajaya Lake on foot, rent a bicycle, or take a boat ride around the lake. Marvel at the eye-catching architecture of the Putra Mosque, which was built using rose-tinted granite.
Discover the luscious greenery at Putrajaya Botanical Garden, home to over 700 plant species. Or visit Putrajaya Wetlands Park, one of the largest man-made freshwater wetlands famous for birdwatching.

The Natural History Museum in the city is another not-to-be-missed attraction. The museum houses many Malaysian national treasures and is also a great place to learn about fossils, minerals and rocks, as well as flora and fauna. Alternatively, visit the Millennium Monument to learn more about Malaysia’s rich history.

Wrap up your trip by checking out various great bridges in Putrajaya. Seri Wawasan Bridge is one of the most famous one in terms of its design. The bridge is illuminated with changing coloured lights in the evening and well into the night.

Take the KLIA Transit for the fastest way to Putrajaya! The journey only takes you 18 minute, leaving you plenty of time to explore the beautiful city. Find out more about KLIA Transit’s fares and schedule here.


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